1.2m (48”) TruClean™ Servo Wirecut

  • Stock Model Specification

    Current location: Grand Rapids, MI

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    Standard Sanitation Feature Guidelines Include:

    Product zone components

    • Level 1 Base:  Mild steel, coated
    • Level 2 Head:  303/304 stainless steel

    Non-product zone components:

    • Level 1 Base:  Mild steel, painted
    • Level 2 Head:  303/304 stainless steel

    Stainless steel guarding
    Stainless steel conduit with flexible conduit as needed
    Non-Washdown rated motors in base

    • Wireframe
    • Internal Belt Circuit

    Washdown rated motors in head

    • Feed Rolls

    Standard double sealed steel bearings
    Sloped surfaces for drainage and use of stand-offs for cleaning access
    Joints continuously welded
    Hollow areas sealed or eliminated
    Minimal liquid collection points
    Minimal loose parts or niches
    Sealed enclosures
    Generous clearance under machine
    Minimal exposed screw threads
    Die components are excluded from this list

    Machine Head

    The machine head consists of the components above the product conveyor, including the hopper, feed rolls, side plates, and bearings.

    Quick Release for removal from Machine base.

    Feed Rolls

    • Two (2) 303/304 stainless rolls, 265mm diameter
    • Each feed roll separately driven by a shaft mounted gear motor with VFD
    • Fixed roll position with 8mm gap

    Side Frames: 303/304 stainless steel (bead blasted finish)
    End Plates (feed roll seals): HDPE

    Clam Shell Feature:  Easy die and filler block removal with pneumatic lift system for access to the die assembly

    • Head lifted pneumatically via manual switch

    Hopper:  Inverted sides to eliminate product bridging
    Filler Block Rails:  Adjustable up and down (manual)

    Machine Base

    The machine base consists of the main frame and the items below the product conveyor including wirecut mechanism, drives and legs.

    Stationary Unit:  Adjustable height footpads

    Adjustable Discharge Height:  47” to 49”

    Side Frames, Cross Members:  Mild steel painted light grey RAL7039

    Wirecut Mechanism:  303/304 stainless steel components

    • Cutting Direction: Programmable (forward or backward)
    • Wire Stroke and Speed
    • Controlled by servo motors
    • Adjustable from 49mm up to 124mm (2” up to 5”) via HMI
    • Maximum effective cut length 89mm (3 ½ “) dough piece on 121mm (4 ¾”) die plate
    • Up to 200 cuts per minute, product dependent
    • Wire Drop
    • Controlled by servo motor
    • Adjustable from 1mm up to 25mm via HMI
    • One piece aluminium (anodized) wireframe with integrated tensioner to be included in this assembly

    Band Raise Mechanism

    • Servo controlled single dynamic plate with height adjustment via HMI
    • 303/304 stainless steel
    • Up to 140 cpm (product dependent)

    Internal Belt Circuit

    • Materials of Construction:  303/304 stainless steel and nylon roller
    • Conveyor:  Servo driven for positive speed control and potential future gapping requirements
    • Belt Tracking:  Eckels-Bilt
    • Product Transfer Height:  Manually adjustable +25mm (1”)
    • Belt Take-Ups:  Pneumatic cylinders
    • Belt Cleaning:  Scrapers with removable tray
    • Removable endless belts
    • Removable conveyor rollers: 303/304 stainless steel and one nylon

    Electrical Controls

    Operator friendly, PLC controls for ease of operation and use of stored recipes

    Machine Functionality:

    • Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC
    • Up to 20 recipe selections, recipe create & memorize functions
    • Machine auto start/auto stop and individual jog functions
    • Machine & drive alarms
    • Machine status display on HMI

    Operator Controls

    • Panel View Plus touch-screen color graphic operator interface
    • Pushbuttons On Operator Station
    • Safety relay reset
    • Alarm silence
    • Control side E-stop
    • Non-Control side E-stop with NEMA 4X angle mounted enclosure

    Main Electrical Enclosure:  Floor mounted Stainless steel

    • Category 3 safety circuitry
    • Main panel E-stop
    • Allen Bradley Power Flex variable frequency drives with safe-off functionality
    • Ethernet communications for VFD control
    • Air Conditioner Not Included

    Junction Box(es):  NEMA 4X stainless steel, Sloped top

    Machine Mounted Electrical Devices:  Non-contact guard safety switches

    Conduit:  Stainless steel


    • Covers and Guards:  304 Stainless steel with sloped angles for drainage and stand-offs for cleaning
    • Die Sets:  To be confirmed and quoted separately
    • Machine quoted “As Is”

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eSheet: TruClean™ Wirecut

eSheet: TruClean™ Wirecut

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks