Functional & Medicated Confectionery

The use of confectionery products to carry over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements is increasing as consumers realise that the treatment of minor ailments or augmentation of their diets need not be unpleasant experiences.

Any product that claims a functional benefit must have the active ingredients present in the quantities claimed. This requires the active ingredient to be accurately dosed; that it suffers minimal heat or mechanical degradation, and that the finished portions are precisely controlled. Furthermore, the appearance and organoleptic properties of the product have to be high quality to provide reassurance and justify the price. This all has to happen in a process that is reproducible, hygienic and capable of validation.

Baker Perkins' continuous cooking and depositing technologies fulfil all these requirements. Whether choosing hard candy, jellies or fruit products, the accuracy, control and hygiene of both cooking and depositing processes are ideal for the demands of this market. To download the white paper click here

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