Xylitol Confectionery

Xylitol Confectionery schematic

1. Autofeed

Weighs and mixes up to 16 dry and liquid confectionery ingredients into a homogeneous slurry. Individual ingredients are fed via a weigh hopper into the mixer and mixed during the fill cycle to produce a consistent slurry. Batches are fed from the Autofeed mixing tank to two reservoir tanks to facilitate a continuous feed to the cooker.

2. Microfilm™ Cooker

Firstly, sugar slurry is dissolved and partially cooked in a plate heat exchanger. Secondly, cooking to final moisture takes place in the Microfilm™ rotor. This creates a thin film of syrup which cooks rapidly without process inversion or burning of dairy ingredients.

3. Colour / Flavour Incorporator

Incorporates colours and flavours into the cooked syrup via a gravity split feed system. Each colouring and flavouring system is specified to match the level of automation required by the customer and the characteristics of the depositing system.

4. Xylitol Crystallizer

Xylitol is crystallized and presented to the depositor.

5. ServoForm™ SFX

The hard candy and Xylitol syrups are deposited in various combinations.

  • Xylitol Confectionery

    Baker Perkins has developed cooking and depositing technology to enable confectionery companies to create an exciting new range of products using crystallized Xylitol.

    Xylitol is a long-established, tooth-friendly sugar substitute with a highly distinctive taste and mouth feel. Combining a Xylitol element with a sugar-free hard candy component creates a sophisticated product that appeals to adult consumers and commands a higher price. Products can be branded as totally sugar-free candies to match a healthy lifestyle, or as functional confectionery with additives for purposes such as breath freshening or nasal decongestion.

    Xylitol offers well-proven health benefits: it has 40% less calories than other carbohydrates, and is highly suitable for diabetics due to its low glycemic index. It goes a stage beyond sugar-free candy by adding a positive dental health benefit. These include a reduction in tooth decay with long-lasting protection against cavities.

    The properties of crystallized Xylitol are a clear-cut cooling sensation that can augment breath and mouth freshening applications. This is coupled to a distinctive mouth feel: combined with a conventional sugar-free component, the result is a product that has contrasting taste and texture sensations.

    Hard candy / Xylitol combinations consist of separate deposited components; one crystallized Xylitol, and the other a sugar-free syrup. These components are deposited in various combinations, including layered and side-by-side; there is also virtually limitless scope for colour and flavour combinations to maximize the natural sensation.

    Baker Perkins developed the new ServoForm™ SFX depositing solution as a complete production system, specifically for healthy confectionery. Based on the standard ServoForm™ hard candy depositor, it includes two cooking elements – a well-proven Microfilm™ cooker for conventional hard candy, plus a unique crystallisation process for Xylitol. A further option for Xylitol depositing is the Baker Perkins Gemini twin-headed depositor, configured to produce clearly defined layers of Xylitol and sugar-free candy.

  • Required Equipment
    Weighing & Mixing  


    Confectionery equipment suppliers batch disolver 2





    Batch Dissolver







    Microfilm™ Cooker

    Colour / Flavour Incorporator



    SFX depositor Confectionery equipment




    SFX Depositor

Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

Xylitol Products

Xylitol Products

View some of the Xylitol products that can be made on Baker Perkins' process lines.

Confectionery Innovation Centre

Confectionery Innovation Centre

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