Gummy Candy Maker

Gummy Candy Maker schematic

1. Autofeed

Weighs and mixes up to 16 dry and liquid confectionery ingredients into a homogeneous slurry. Individual ingredients are fed via a weigh hopper into the mixer and mixed during the fill cycle to produce a consistent slurry. Batches are fed from the Autofeed mixing tank to two reservoir tanks to facilitate a continuous feed to the cooker.

2. Turbofilm™ Cooker

A plate pack heat exchanger dissolves sugar and hydrates the starch. The product passes to a jet cooker which subjects the flow of candy to a sudden drop in pressure.

3. Colour / Flavour Incorporator

Incorporates colours and flavours into the cooked syrup via a gravity split feed system. Each colouring and flavouring system is specified to match the level of automation required by the customer and the characteristics of the depositing system.

4. ServoForm™ Jelly Depositor 

Syrup is deposited at final moisture into silicone or metal moulds, then cooled. Products are deposited at final solids, so no drying is required. 3D jellies are deposited into clip-in moulds that allow rapid, low-cost product changes.

  • Jellies & Gummies

    Baker Perkins' starch-free systems for the production of jellies and gummies deposit high-solids syrup into silicone rubber, plastic or metal moulds rather than starch moulds. No starch is required anywhere on the line and drying time is significantly shorter or eliminated altogether. Contact us for more information on our commercial gummy candy maker.

    Capital and running costs are substantially reduced as less floor space, drying capacity, energy, labour and consumables are required.

    Hygienic production

    Starch-free depositing is completely hygienic, with no cross-contamination risk from recycled starch or excessive cleaning of airborne dust. In addition, Baker Perkins' ServoForm™ depositors have a fully automatic wash-down function.

    Full range of textures

    Baker Perkins has worked closely with ingredient suppliers to develop quick-setting formulations using high-performance gelling agents including pectin, gelatin and carrageenan. These enable confectioners to benefit from starch-free depositing across the full range of jelly and gummy textures.

    High quality products

    Products have excellent weight and dimensional accuracy, no shrinkage and enhanced definition for intricate shapes. Striped, layered and filled products are all possible and high levels of fruit pulp or pieces may be included.

    Moulds may be silicone rubber, metal or plastic with either mechanical or non-contact air ejection methods. The final choice depends on product characteristics and would normally be selected after testing in our Innovation Centre. Moulds can be supplied for conventional flat or contoured shapes as well high-value full-form 3D shapes.

Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

White Paper: Achieving Accuracy and Hygiene in Medicated and Functional Confectionery

White Paper: Achieving Accuracy and Hygiene in Medicated and Functional Confectionery

Jelly & Gum Products

Jelly & Gum Products

View some of the jelly and gum products that can be made on Baker Perkins' ServoForm™ process lines.

Functional & Medicated Confectionery

Functional & Medicated Confectionery

View some of the functional and medicated confectionery that can be made on Baker Perkins' process lines.

Confectionery Innovation Centre

Confectionery Innovation Centre

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.