JellyCook™ Batch Cooker

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    Baker Perkins’ JellyCook™ is a flexible batch weighing, mixing and cooking system for pectin and gelatin confectionery syrups.

    The system consists of an oil-heated stainless steel cooking vessel with a variable speed mixer / stirrer, a reservoir tank and a support frame with operator platform.

    The cooker is mounted on load cells, allowing the control system to monitor the addition of major ingredients. An intelligent, adaptive control system uses on-screen prompts to guide the operator through the process of preparing a batch. Active ingredients are added to the weighed batch at the end of cooking to ensure accurate dosing control.

    Scrapers mounted on the mixing assembly ensure product is moved away from the vessel walls, ensuring even cooking and preventing burn-on.

    Mounted below the cooker vessel is a 45kg reservoir tank. This stainless steel vessel holds the cooked product at a specified temperature to ensure it is easily transferred to the depositor. At this stage minor ingredients can be added manually and incorporated into the batch using the built in stirrer.

    From the reservoir tank the product can either be automatically pumped to the depositor or taken manually.



    • Standard module consisting of one cooker and one reservoir tank
    • Output of 30kg/hr based on Pectin “all in” recipe
    • 25min cook
    • Optional pumped discharge to depositor

    JellyCook™ Max

    • Higher output version of JellyCook™ consisting of two cookers feeding into a single reservoir tank
    • Output of 60Kg/hr
    • Optional pumped discharge to depositor

    JellyCook™ Duo

    • Configuration for gelatin or two colour operation
    • Consists of two modules, each containing a cooker and reservoir tank
    • Modules can be operated in sequence or together depending on the products and/or throughput required


    • Outputs up to 60kg/hr (10-30kg batches)
    • Variable speed mixer / stirrer
    • Even cook temperature
    • Intuitive HMI with guided cooking prompts
    • Mounted on a hygienic stainless steel frame with operator access and storage areas
    • Suitable for floor or mezzanine installation with manual, pumped or gravitational transfer to the depositor
Technical Bulletin: JellyCook™ Batch Cooker

Technical Bulletin: JellyCook™ Batch Cooker

eSheet: Gummy & Jelly Production Systems

eSheet: Gummy & Jelly Production Systems

Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

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Complete Confectionery Process Lines

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