Autofeed Weighing & Mixing System

  • Benefits

    The Autofeed is a compact, fully automatic system to weigh up to eight dry and liquid confectionery ingredients and mix them into a homogeneous slurry. It can feed all the cookers in the Baker Perkins' range. There is full batch reporting for tight cost control.

    Efficient weighing and mixing

    Individual ingredients are fed sequentially from a bulk handling system into a weighing and mixing tank mounted on three load cells. Weighing eliminates the errors which occur in volumetric systems because of temperature, density and viscosity variations and the use of a single weigh hopper ensures correct proportioning, regardless of calibration. The ingredients are mixed during the fill cycle and the order of ingredient addition can programmed to produce a consistent slurry. Normal accuracy is 0.1% in a typical 180kg batch

    Continuous cooker feed

    Ingredients are weighed and mixed in batches for accuracy with the reservoir tank providing a continuous feed to the cooker using a variable speed specialist confectionery slurry pump. In the event of a depositor stoppage an automatic recirculation facility keeps the slurry ready to use

    Flexible recipe selection

    Up to 20 different recipes can be pre-programmed and stored in the PLC controlled system, minimizing operator involvement and error. Up to eight different ingredients can be fed into the weigh hopper including water, glucose, granulated or liquid sugar, condensed milk and melted fat or oil. Optional modules are available for metering brine and lecithin. A flowmeter at the water inlet aids calibration and monitoring of different recipes.

    Effective cost control

    Full reporting of every batch means that usage of every ingredient is recorded enabling actual daily, weekly or monthly totals to be accurately calculated.

  • Specifications

    The Autofeed is a compact, fully automatic system to weigh up to eight dry and liquid confectionery ingredients and mix them into a homogeneous slurry. It can feed all the cookers in the Baker Perkins' range. There is full batch reporting for tight cost control.

    Hygienic design

    Hygienic components and materials are mounted on a one-piece welded stainless steel frame with good access underneath and throughout for cleaning. Parts have been minimized and exposed surfaces angled where possible to reduce accumulation and cleaning. Hygienic dairy connections are used on the reservoir tank and transfer pump. Most on-machine wiring has been eliminated to remove a potential hygiene hazard.

    Control System

    The control system comprises PLC and HMI mounted it a free-standing cabinet or integrated with cooker controls. The HMI includes full process visualisation, recipe-driven set-up with up to 20 recipes, alarm handling and logging plus batch reporting of ingredient usage. Control of the weighing and mixing sequence and level control of the reservoir tank are all fully automatic. Remote I/O over Ethernet is deployed to avoid the cost, complexity and hygiene hazard posed by on-machine wiring

    Weighing accuracy is enhanced and sustained by:

    •  Automatic in-flight correction
    •  Automatic tare for each ingredient
    •  Programmable weight tolerance for each ingredient
    •  Programmable ingredient settle time
    •  Programmable mixer start and duration
    •  Under- and over-limit alarms

    Easy to maintain

    The frame houses all the process units, with excellent access from outside the machine for maintenance. The fixed speed mixer and stirrer motors are soft start to reduce loads which allows them to be direct-linked, eliminating potential coupling failure.


    •  Output: up to 6,000kg/hr

    •  Batch size: 180kg (200l tank)

    •  Reservoir tank: 150l

    •  Cycle time: 8 minutes

    Ingredient inlets

    •  One vibratory chute for granulated sugar

    •  One solenoid operated water valve

    •  Three electro-pneumatic valves for liquid ingredients.

    Materials of Construction

    •  Frame: 304 stainless steel

    •  Weigh tank: 316 stainless steel

    •  Reservoir tank: 316 stainless steel with heated base and insulated sides

    •  Product contact parts: 316 stainless steel


    •  Fully jacketed weigh and reservoir tanks for low water recipes

    •  400l or 600l reservoir tanks

    •  Tank and metering pump skids for minor liquid ingredients (e.g. brine and lecithin)

    •  Powder feeder

    •  Polyol dissolving unit to handle sugar-free syrups

    •  Automatic CIP (Clean-in-Place) system – improved cleaning with less water

    •  Heavy-duty mixer for high-viscosity slurries and high outputs

    •  Multiple outlets

    •  Twin tanks to avoid cross-contamination of different recipes

esheet: Autofeed Weighing & Mixing System

esheet: Autofeed Weighing & Mixing System

Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

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Complete Confectionery Process Lines

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