ServoForm™ Depositors

  • Upgrades

    Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery; they address problems such as insufficient capacity, poor reliability and outdated hygiene standards. Original machine performance can be exceeded, and service life given a worthwhile extension.

    Available upgrades for Baker Perkins' ServoForm™ depositors include:

    Upgrade from 2 to 4 colour production

    Additional split hoppers and new sets of nozzles are required for this significant enhancement to end product capability.

    Production of centre fills, layers, stripes and swirls

    A simple enhancement to boost capability. On ServoForm™ depositors new nozzles and re-programming are necessary; on earlier mechanical depositors a new set of cams is also required. It is simple to switch between new and old products.

    Moulds for new products

    A bespoke mould design service allows manufacturers to bring new confectionery products to market faster and more economically than ever before. The latest CAD software is used to create full colour 3D confectionery designs which are sent electronically worldwide for customer appraisal. 3D rapid prototyping is used to create a model of the design to the exact size and shape proposed.

    Modify depositor function

    The prime purpose of the depositor can be changed from production of soft to hard candy, and vice versa. If required, different cooling arrangements will be supplied.

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Contact Baker Perkins

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Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

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Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Cooking and depositing systems for hard candy, lollipops, fondant & fudges, toffees & caramels, jellies & gums, healthcare confectionery and Xylitol confectionery.