A Complete Mould Service

  • Design & Refurbishment

    Moulds are at the heart of all successful depositing lines. The correct choice of mould has a huge impact on the quality and character of the confectionery end product, and the efficiency of the depositing system. A complete mould service is available to support the full range of Baker Perkins depositing plants in production throughout the world.

    Mould Design

    Baker Perkins’ bespoke mould design service allows manufacturers to bring new confectionery products to market faster and more economically than ever before. The latest CAD software is used to create full colour 3D confectionery designs that can be sent electronically worldwide for customer appraisal. 3D rapid prototyping is then used to create a model of the design to the exact size and shape proposed.

    Mould Refurbishment

    Baker Perkins provides a refurbishment service to extend the life of metal moulds for hard candy. Moulds can be re-coated and worn pin and spring ejector mechanisms are replaced. To minimize disruption for customers, we offer a ‘rolling’ program to refurbish a complete mould set over an agreed extended period.

    FDA approved coatings are used to recoat the moulds and our experts are available to advise on the best selection for your application.

    A replacement service for rubber moulds used in hard toffee, hard cream and chew production is also available.

    Other Services

    • Replacement of depositing components
    • Upgrade of depositing components, eg to centre fill, multi colour/component and milk injection capability (dependent upon machine specification)
    • A range of wear parts are available on short delivery times, including pumps, pistons, seals and nozzles
    • On-site support from our maintenance and process experts to help you get the most from your investment

Contact Baker Perkins

Contact Baker Perkins

Contact us to discuss all Customer Service and Aftermarket requirements for your Baker Perkins, APV Baker and Werner Lehara equipment.

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Cooking and depositing systems for hard candy, lollipops, fondant & fudges, toffees & caramels, jellies & gums, healthcare confectionery and Xylitol confectionery.