Anti-Slavery Policy

Baker Perkins is a long established and well-known engineering company supplying the food manufacturing industry worldwide.

We maintain a reputation for strong ethical values. All employees are required to uphold certain professional standards, including adherence to UK anti-slavery legislation and policies, and we require the same commitment from our supply chain.

Baker Perkins’ supply chain comprises a mixture of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors that offer us both goods and services. More than 90% of our first tier suppliers are UK based, with the majority of the others spread over Western Europe and the USA.

Baker Perkins conducts online training for all procurement professionals regarding modern slavery. This course highlights the prevalence of slavery in certain industries and demographics, and how best to identify, prevent and terminate any use of it in Baker Perkins’ supply chain.

When entering into contracts with new suppliers, an assessment must be passed before Baker Perkins begins trading with them. Among other things, this assessment identifies areas where there is a potential risk of the supplier failing to comply with our ethical policies and standards.

All suppliers are made aware of this policy on each contract with Baker Perkins.

Non-compliance with our policies and standards will result in action being taken. This may include specifying a fixed period of time to eliminate any contradictory processes or relationships; the imposition of scheduled audits; termination of the relationship; dismissal of employees and termination of contracts for companies or agencies. The appropriate action will be judged on factors including scale and duration of the non-compliance.

Modern slavery is the perversion and prevention of an individual’s human rights. This can take various forms including human trafficking, slavery, forced labour and servitude. We are committed to acting with the utmost integrity in all our business dealings, including implementing effective business controls in relation to modern slavery.


Dan Bassett,
Managing Director
3rd December 2018